the legacy of our lost cause


Artist tyler etters & the northern information movement
Released Jan 01, 2017
Catalog EFS060

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we built the forest acropolis in a single day. that night we reveled at our achievement. we drank wine and played flutes and made merry. drunk and giddy with the possibility of the future, we fell asleep long after the sun rose. when we finally awoke, kudzu had inexplicably grown over everything. the columns began to crumble. confused, we cut it down and repaired what we could. the next day, the vines were back. again we cut them down, but again they grew back. our leaders proclaimed the land cursed. no one could remember why we built here in the first place anyway. so we left to build a new acropolis by the sea. some of our children remained. they climbed the vines and went on adventures in the woods, heirs of a ghost kingdom.


1arcadian nights5:22
2leaving home03:12
3the emptiness will always follow you2:38
4shanzhai (guerilla fortress)2:01
5full steam4:53
6holy mountain hymn6:41
7reaver, yggdrasil, the thing at the end of the woods6:07
8bridges of terabithia5:10
9unscarred land5:03