Arthur Zdrinc: It's A.D. 2016.

Dec 22, 2012

Take it from the artist:

"It's A.D. 2016." Is a collection of songs that have been on my mind since last year. I worked alongside 5 amazing musicians. I merely brought them my vision, and the various sounds of nature that I collected on my long adventures throughout the northern wastes of Illinois.

Each song captures a moment in time.


That transient concept.

That elusive and deceiving idea.

Since the existence of mankind... we have micro managed our transient lives with the use of "calenders," cylindrical tablets of stone, cave paintings. Whether we carve into stone the significant occurrences during our generation, or Vlog each and every meal we've had in the last week. Man is obsessed with retention. And specifically in this age of retentia we live in, the human has astronomical potential for merely perfect retention; Of memories, of thoughts, of ideas, Et Cetera.

It's his story for us all. . .

One historian miscalculates the segments of time he analyzed. . .

And it doesn't even matter anymore. . .

Or, did it ever matter to begin with?

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