Audio Journal 1.0

Oct 05, 2009

The current state of things:

Preparation for the recording of Mirrek's first full length album has begun. We are setting up a studio on the premises; an extension of EFS if you will. I'll provide my audio engineering/production services for this operation with the help of Arthur Zdrinc (Mirrek) as my colleague and consultant. This is a big scale project that will undoubtably take more than few months to complete, and will yield plenty of updates/mind pudding for your consumption.

On a lighter note, I will be recording/producing/programming the first demo for an up and coming musician/friend, Trent Reed, later this month. As this will hopefully not take nearly as long to complete. I should have a delicious download link for you much sooner then the previously mentioned endevour.

That should wrap up the first installment of the Audio Journal.

Lunar Day out