EFS 3.0

Mar 24, 2012

Say hello to the newest incarnation of endlessfieldstudios.com. Besides the visual changes, that we're sure you've noticed, we've made it easier to stream or download our releases by adding Bandcamp widgets all over the place (Now you have no excuse not to use that share button!) as well as twitter feeds which we will try to update on a more regular basis. You'll also notice that the roster has changed and some bands were moved to the "alumni" section. We're sure you understand that since we treat each artist as an individual there were many reasons for this. We can give a main reason though, EFS is an ever evolving organism that has proven to be impossible to define. There is one thing that we know though, change is good and it feeds innovation. Change has allowed us to keep growing and expanding EFS. We hope that you trust us and respect our decision to focus our scope. There is much awesomeness to come!

-EFS Crew