EFS Album Downloads of 2009

Dec 31, 2009

This has truly been a great year for Endless Field Studios. With the launch of the website on September 1st, we officially made the leap from the analog to the digital world of information. Rather than smashing a bottle of wine against the hull of this internet-faring vessel (that would probably be bad news for the hard-drives), we released three albums that had been meticulously crafted for the better part of 2008 and 2009: EFS006 No One Needs Proof, EFS007 Serial Index of Unclaimed Memories, and EFS008 As Quippolous Codes Quietly Count.

Essentially, EFS was was created to fill a void, to define a set of thoughts, to give direction and purpose to it's fathers. In four short months, the effective staff of EFS has grown ten-fold. The original studio(s) have long since been abandoned due to numerous re-locations. In their place, a nerve-network of smaller studios has emerged. Each studio of each artist is Endless Field Studios. Frequently, equipment, expertise, and space is shared. As new projects crop up, invariably new mechanisms must be evolved.

The physical expansion of the studios and personnel has been mirrored by the expansion of musicians and releases. Eno from New York, NY, mtthwmrx from Wichita, KS, Adam Moore (Red Earth) and Pstetwoo from the Northern Wastes of Illinois have all joined the EFS family this year.

And now, the download counts of 2009 (September-December):

Artist Album Downloads
Connectedness Locus As Quippolous Codes Quietly Count 72
ECiC;EFiS Serial Index of Unclaimed Memories 59
Red Earth Cognition 53
Lunar Day No One Needs Proof 25
Ix Descent Into Dreams 17
ECiC;EFiS Gates 15
ECiC;EFiS Session 050309 14
Pstetwoo Motion Picture Soundtrack To No Motion Picture 12
Pstetwoo Casiopus 9
Total Downloads of 2009 276
Goal Downloads of 2010 2,760

The future remains shimmering with possibilities and plans. Soon, we will be upgrading the website with more interactive content, a forum, a podcast, live dates and enhanced artist pages. The first Endless Field Tour is in the works, as well as a periodical publication.

Much thanks and love to all the listeners and artists for making 2009 such a great year for Endless Field Studios. Follow your dreams, stay golden, and keep the stars burning.

Until the patterns converge,
-Connectedness Locus out