EFS In 2010

Feb 02, 2010

Since we've entered the new decade, the EFS staff has been very busy with some important projects. The new abundance of Endless Artists sure has given us plenty to do. Tyler has been juggling numerous, involved projects some of which we cannot reveal just yet, but here is what we can reveal:

-Album and concept design for Trent Reed's Heat Peanuts

-Collaborating with Shannon Poehlman on the album and concept design for the reborn Mirrek (now Sioum)

-*r**g** ** ******b***

-C********* ***t***

As far as my current endevours go, working on the debut Sioum album has been pretty much a full time job. Although, since I've handed over the remaining tracking duties to the gentlemen of the band, I've had time to develop something that has been in the works for some time now; a collaboration with Matt Brakel (Pstetwoo) as well Aaron Krause (Inocula) and Beth Hoffman. This new project which I cannot reveal the name of at this time is in full rehearsal mode. Matt and I have been writing material for it for the past few months and we cannot wait to share it with you all.

Expect more updates soon.

-Lunar Day out