EFS Update April '10

Apr 17, 2010

Quite a few things have been happening, under the radar, in the world of EFS.

-Sioum(formerly Mirrek), after a long and arduous process, are finally nearing the completion of their debut full-length album. They are in the final stages of mixing and should be handing the LP over to mastering in the next few weeks. The band has also returned to their regular live performance schedule. You can find their upcoming shows on their MySpace.

-Bridges of Königsberg, the newest addition to the EFS family, have also hit studio to record their first release. The EP is titled We Have Many Faces, and should be released sometime in May. BoK have also booked their first shows in May; the dates are May 22nd and 28th. They will be performing these dates with Sioum and Connectedness Locus. For more frequent updates you can visit The Official Bridges of Königsberg Website or their MySpace.

-Connectedness Locus has been releasing new tracks, most recently "Bathysphere," as well as "When The Paint Peels." The artist has also been frequently performing his new material live for the past few months. For updates about live CL performances you can visit his MySpace.

-Heat Peanuts will soon be releasing his debut EP titled, The Feline Mind Control Experiment. The EP which was produced by Paul Petrosyan (Bridges of Königsberg, Lunar Day) is a 4 track excursion into the depths of Trent Parker Reed's fragile and alienated mind. This self described "weird rock" release will confuse and intrigue you. The album will be available for physical purchase at the Heat Peanuts CD release show on April 23rd at The Swing State Venue in Lake Villa, IL, as well as from our catalog page. Visit Heat Peanuts at his MySpace.

-EFS Staff