Jul 26, 2010

So, we've got a new website. For those of you that miss the old one, you can take a stroll down memory lane at any time here: http://legacy.endlessfieldstudios.com.

As time progresses we have every intention of updating, refining, and improving the new incarnation of endlessfieldstudios.com until it's power level is well over 9,000. In the past year, YOU the listener, have visited the pages of our site almost 10,000 times. This brings a smile to our many faces.

We warmly welcome Matthew Marx as the new resident author of the site, heading up biographical duties, album-release info blurbs, and an occasional interview or two.

There a a brand new live section offering real time updates from all the bands currently playing shows.

In case you haven't grabbed it already, download Endless Field Studios, Volume 1 - the first compilation album of the EFS artists! While you're at it, be sure to give the new Sioum and Analog Fire releases a good listen.

There is also new wallpaper packages, social media links, a Flickr feed of upcoming shows... the list goes on and on.

Happy browsing!