Nov 11, 2009

One year ago today, Everything Comes in Cycles; Everything Fades in Shades released the Gates EP. Bearing the Endless Field Studios emblem, the release was a symbolic event more-so than anything else. The zipped MP3 file quietly emerged on the internet. It was a strange declaration that, "Yes! We have been here! Yes! This is what we have seen! Yes! There is more to come!"

Within the file was a JPG of the CD cover, a PDF, and of course the four tracks:

1. Running
2. The Shoreless Ocean
3. Of Light
4. Upon the Gates of Self Justification

A few months later, hand-crafted physical copies surfaced featuring a highly customized design. Within this incarnation were several items of interest: a promotional card, an invitation to the 77 Gates of Cycles & Shades, a golden ECiC;EFiS sticker, and the diskette itself with the four original tracks plus two additional tracks: 'Surrender & Realization' and 'Sand Ladders'.

Gates is available for free download from the EFS catalog and physical purchase at any of the EFS artists' shows.

Thus concludes the first installment of the EFS_BIOS series.

Connectedness Locus out

An image from coastal.pdf included in the Gates download.

The highly customized design of the Gates EP.