In This Endless Intricacy

Jan 23, 2010

It is a mirror that reflects not image, but place and time, a backward broadcast from future event horizons to places and areas that we are still only beginning to grasp;; sound far-fetch-ed? that is because it is, but fetching things distant is the only way to fetch things new. we leave our houses in search of adventures and seam to incessantly bite off more than we can chew, so, delirious and drunk with our own machinations and ideals, like shoes 6 sizes too big that we lie we can fit into, we run, and we end up running bare-footed through poppy fields, all-ablaze and red beneath power-lines that seem to march forever and into infinity, to make sweet love with the horizon that we can never quite reach but seem to endlessly photograph. in these spiraling cacophonies of oranges and neon rain sometimes you meet a familiar silhouette, pressing onwards, the great green dawn a-rizin' behind them an' for a second you could swear they was your own shadow, but then you blink the sandman's sand out of your eyes and wake up from your delusional dreams of isolation and realize that it is another! another philosopher pressing onward to that un-obtainable future that we all share. the man needs no introduction - Eno Freedman-Brodmann, the artist, that is - but his work is your work and your work is his work, and it is all experiencing itself and discovering itself and sometimes just sometimes instead of wishing that other silhouette away and keeping your thoughts and fears and desires and hopes to your big-mouthed self for once you just say 'hey' and when these two philosophers met, Mr. Eno and Mr. Locus that is, it was on a beach on St. John Island, somewhere down in the caribbean sea they were both still lost and aimless in middle school (grade school?! who's counting anyways...) but they were thousands of miles from 'home' and they had no fear and they just said 'hey' and, welp, the rest is history and the rest of the rest is yet to come but right now this here A/V experience is courtesy of Mr. Eno (the 'V' i.e. video) and Mr. Locus (the 'A' i.e. audio) it's nice and big-resolution so don't be bashful, it won't bite: