New Releases 1.0.1

Aug 31, 2009

Tomorrow is a big day, we are releasing three albums that will all be available for free download; almost 4 hours of music for your enjoyment. The first and most important release is the long awaited LP from Everything Comes in Cycles; Everything Fades in Shades, "Serial Index of Unclaimed Memories". The release of this album could be compared to a solar flare that extends out and releases an enorumous amount of energy into the universe, but then evaportes in a cosmic inferno, feeding and nurishing the mass of expanding star matter. The second release is "As Quippolous Codes Quietly Count," a meticulously executed electronic album from Connectedness Locus, and third is "No One Needs Proof" from yours truly, Lunar Day. I won't try to explain what it sounds like, that's a difficult thing to do.

Be sure to download all three and feel free to comment on the site or on any of our myspace or pages!

Lunar Day out