They Came and Went Like Hail

Jul 01, 2011

Taking a break from his new adventures on the west coast, Isaac Pierce returned for a small tour in the midwest. Joined by his comrades Nick Alvarez and Mike Thompson the trio played an unforgetable show on June 30th at Quenchers in Chicago, under the name Ten-Speed Music. The title representing the project's fluid nature, as a fan could see Isaac playing with one musician tonight and with two, or alone, the next day. That's the beauty of Ten-Speed, since Isaac's music can be presented in so many different ways, you never know what to expect but you can always count on getting your mind blown.

This particular late June performance was accompanied by an unexpected hailstorm, which brought down hail the size of golf balls and started as fast as it dissapeared. It felt almost as an omen, powerful but brief, that left a strange feeling of urgency for the rest of the show. This electrifying, natural display could be used as an analogy for what I was about to experience through Ten-Speed Music. I was drawn in as Isaac hit the first note on his guitar, and the whole room felt as if it were transported to place inside someone's mind. A comfortable space, that I knew I could get out of but I didn't want to. As if Isaac was inviting everyone to that place which most of us dare not share with even those closest to us. The band felt as a whole, not 3 people, they were like limbs of a single being; performing their roles with a sense of complete trust in the others. I came to sometime later when Isaac announced the last two songs. One of them being a song that I knew very well and the other, a new piece that I hope I will get to put on my iPod very soon. I spoke to Isaac after the show and found out that he will be working on a couple new releases in the near future. You can trust us to share those with you when the time comes, but until then there are 3 great releases which you can download right now from either of these websites. If you haven't experienced Ten-Speed, I'm very happy for you because you're about to discover something very special and amazing.


-Paul Petrosyan/EFS