Tomorrow's Universe

Mar 12, 2010

It appears that here has been a bit of cross-pollenation going on. EFS's own Connectedness Locus is releasing an exclusive track next week as part of  a compliation disc! This is the only place that this track will appear, anywhere, ever.

Alrealon Music presents: 'Tomorrow's Universe' (ALRN016/ALRN-NS001) will be pre-released next week on the 21st March on and Following that it will be out on iTunes, Amazon, Audiojelly, etc. on the 5th of April. Proceeds from the pre-release will go to various humanitarian organizations inculding: Refugees United, Witness, Médecins Sans Frontières (Switzerland), Unicef (Iceland), and The Spinal Cord Institution.  For more information click the image below.

More exclusive music is coming out from Connectedness Locus part of Alrealon Music's podcast series this May.